In a central location in Berlin, a new urban quarter has emerged: The Forum Museumsinsel.
The “Haupttelegraphenamt”, an imposing neobaroque block from the late 19th century, dominates the northern part of the project. The historical building fabric has been authentically restored and modernized. The former “Haupttelegraphenamt” on Oranienburger Strasse was inaugurated in 1916 as Germany’s most elaborate post building at the time. In the post-reunification era, the building with its impressive facade stood vacant. The ambitious redevelopment plan included shops, offices, and the new “Telegraphenamt” hotel. Preserving the historical building fabric was paramount for this significant heritage building. Balancing between technically demanding early modernist constructions and opulent representative architecture of the late Wilhelminian period, the redesign is now giving new life to both the splendor of the neobaroque facade and the charm of the rustic steel structure.

Typology: Hotel
Forum Museumsinsel
Client: Freiberger Projektentwicklung GmbH
Completion: 2023
42.000 m² GFA
Photographer: Markus Löffelhardt